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N’Golo Kante’s brother died of a heart attack before world cup

Chelsea and France midfielder and rising sensation N’Golo Kanté won the hearts of the world a the World Cup in Russia this summer for his beautiful smile, but it turns out he was playing through the hardship of losing a loved one.

He was a star on and off the pitch for France for his discreet demeanour and even earned himself a catchy song: “He’s small, he’s nice, he stopped Leo Messi, oh N’Golo Kanté.” After lifting the trophy with his national side though, he dedicated the victory to his brother, Niama.

Niama passed away before the start of the World Cup from a tragic heart attack, but you would never know it with passion and positivity that N’Golo Kanté radiates at all times. Niama was not the first family member N’Golo Kanté lost.

His father died when the Chelsea man was only eleven years old. The spirit of his play emulates the strength which he carries having lived through such difficulty.

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